On our ProSantaLicense cards, you can choose your own picture, height, weight, beard and eye color & Name.

To make sure your ProSantaLicense is the best quality, be sure to upload a high resolution digital picture (at least 300dpi, no larger than 2MB size). For best results we suggest your photo be a close up mug shot, taken on solid dark colored backgrounds. We will crop, and re-size your picture to fit the card appropriately. Please make sure your image is ‘portrait’ oriented. Please upload the highest resolution image you have.

Every customer can view their proof attachment simply by clicking the “My Account” tab. You must be logged in to view your proof.

Every customer can view their proof attachment simply by clicking the “My Account” tab.

You will be emailed a link when your proof is available. To approve, login to your account and tick the “I Approve” button to yes. If you see an error, click no and leave feedback in the area provided. We will re-make your proof and resend the approval link when the proof is updated.

Resolution refers to the number of dots per inch (dpi), or the amount of detail the image has. For best results images prepared for upload should be 300 dpi. Higher resolution means a more detailed image, and also larger file and longer upload time.

When you proceed with making your online purchase, you will be transferred to the PayPal site where your transaction will be processed. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s ok.. you don’t need a PayPal account to purchase, you can use your credit card or an eCheck.

PayPal is the most widely recognized and respected independent third party company, based in the United States, which specializes in processing online credit card transactions, serving well over 8 million users.

Most of us are hesitant to provide credit card information over the Internet, and rightly so. But PayPal provides a secure server (SSL) so your transaction is safe. Did you know that when you make a purchase through a PayPal merchant, you have additional security because only PayPal, not the merchant, is provided with your credit card information? This helps to reduce the incidence of credit card fraud. The Pro Santa License team wants your online shopping here to be safe and give you peace of mind, knowing that your purchases here are entirely safe and secure.