QR Code Demo

We can generate a custom QR code that links to your Santa web site or contact information. If you select this option, we will email after you finish payment to discuss where you would like your QR code to point.

In the example video below I am actually scanning the QR code on the backside of the Pro Santa License that is pictured on the home page of our site. As you can see it is fully functional.

QR codes are barcode-like images that can be scanned by smartphones. Information stored in the QR code is read by the Smartphone then the data held with the QR-Code is transformed into a meaningful action for the mobile phone such as:

  • Connect to a web address
  • Dial a telephone number
  • Prompt your email client with a sender address

This can all be done within a matter of milliseconds making the transformation from a users mobile phone to the mobile web instantaneous. Scanning a QR code is easy: just download a free QR code reader app for your smartphone, and scan any code.

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